Living Trust Attorney

At Titanium Asset Protection our living trust attorney goes over differences between a Living Trust and A Will with every client, the primary being probate avoidance. While both protect your assets and ensure that the properties are distributed according to your wishes, a Living Trust allows your beneficiaries to avoid the fees and a potentially prolonged wait time that may potentially occur during a normal probate process.

Another benefit of a Living Trust versus a Will is confidentiality. The only persons privy to the assets contained within the Living Trust are to those whom it’s designated to. A Will, on the other hand, is publicly presided over by both Judge and Attorney during the probate and distribution process that occurs after your family members passing.

Advantages of a Living Trust

  • Asset Control
  • Probate Avoidance
  • Court Control Prevention
  • Privacy Protection
  • Tax Planning and Estate Planning
  • Conservatorship Avoidance
  • High Degree of Flexibility

Advantages of a Funded Revocable Living Trust

  • Quick Distribution of Assets to Beneficiaries Upon Death
  • Confidential Asset Transference within the Trust
  • Probate Court Can’t Control Trust Assets
  • Conservatorship Avoidance
  • Family Member Emotional Stress Reduction
  • Complete Flexibility