Wills & Testaments

A Will is a legal document that encompasses the details of what happens to your estate after you have passed away. With the significant growth in the use of Trusts,

Wills no longer serve the same purpose as in previous generations in the governing of asset distribution. Wills have always been and will continue to be an elaborate estate plan, incorporating any final wishes regarding your estate.

The final details may cover every financial detail from asset and monetary distribution to endowments of minors in the family.

wills and testaments

Details Of Will Construction

  • Control details of estate distribution after passing
  • Include any final wishes in addition to family
  • Ensures even family members still considered minors will receive their endowment
  • A Pour Over Will can be created to make easy adjustments to existing documents
  • By having access to a Pour Over Will you can directly distribute assets to family avoiding taxation