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Sole proprietorship vs. S Corp Taxes

Can small business owners save on taxes by switching their entity types? Although we have a new president who has sworn to cut taxes and boost American business, many independent professionals and small business owners are still feeling the burden of taxation. Many have gone into business for themselves to earn more and profit more, […]

Frivolous ADA Lawsuits Being Filed Against CA Business Owners – THE LAW OFFICES OF MATTHEW C. MULLHOFER

California business owners continue to fall victim to frivolous and malicious lawsuits. How can they protect themselves? At a recent hearing California State Representative Ken Calvert declared “California has become ground zero for ADA lawsuits,” and is “home to more federal disability lawsuits than the next four states combined.” In fact, KCRA 3 quotes executive […]

The Big Perks of Owning Real Estate in an LLC

What are the real advantages of owning real estate in a limited liability company? What common blunders could cost investors big time? Bizadvisor.com proclaims “the limited liability is the top choice for real property.” A review of recorded real estate transactions from Property Shark by the wealthiest and most sophisticated investors and funds in hot […]