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Asset Protection

An asset protection attorney creates solutions on a client’s behalf to either mitigate or prevent property and/or financial loss under legal duress of a lawsuit or creditor’s claim.  There are three components to comprehensive asset protection.

Determining if Asset Protection is right for you:

What is the application of the asset protection solution?

  • Who is in need of asset protection.
  • What property or monetary assets are in need of protection.
  • When and Why are your assets being pursued.

Who is the creditor?

  • Government entities have greater reach than privately owned or publicly traded firms.
  • Nature of creditor’s claim tactics.

How is the claim being pursued by the creditor?

  • Creditor Claim
  • Lawsuit
  • Judgment

Timing is everything, asset protection is most valuable when you have prepared prior to a lawsuit or claim by a creditor being filed against you or your business. If you choose to wait too long it could be too late. Call our office today, for a complimentary consultation 877.246.2770