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Protect What Matters to You with a Licensed Estate Planning Attorney in Orange County, CA

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your properties and loved ones are secure no matter what happens. Count on Titanium Asset Protection for comprehensive legal services. Our licensed estate planning attorney in Orange County, CA will help you protect your assets with a reliable trust or estate plan, among other solutions. Let us help you secure your future!

Our Practice Areas

Titanium Asset Protection is committed to safeguarding your interests, which may involve personal asset protection, wills and trusts, or corporate counsel. Our services include:

  • Wills and Testaments Attorney

Control what happens to your estate after you have passed away. Our estate planning attorney in Santa Ana will help you with monetary distribution, adjustments to existing documents, and any other final wishes you may have.

  • Living Trust

Avoid the chaos of a lengthy and expensive probate through our Living Trust service. Not only does it ensure the appropriate distribution of your assets like a Will, but it also helps your beneficiaries avoid long wait times and excessive fees. Other benefits of a Living Trust include:

    • Conservatorship avoidance
    • Court control prevention
    • Privacy protection
  • Bankruptcy

Get a new lease on life by taking advantage of Chapter 7 bankruptcy relief. We will help you at all stages of the filing, from submitting the requirements up to the final discharge.

  • Asset Protection

If you are facing a creditor’s claim or lawsuit, turn to our asset protection service to mitigate financial damage or property loss. Asset protection is most effective when it is prepared in advance, so schedule a consultation today to learn more about protecting yourself and your business.

  • Corporate Attorney

Forming a business or growing one? You need a knowledgeable corporate attorney to represent your interests at all stages. With over 17 years of experience in corporate law, our attorneys can handle:

    • Company formation in all 50 states
    • Asset protection
    • New business start-up
    • Purchase and sale
    • Business transactions and contracts
    • Dissolution
    • Annual filing
    • Nominee services/registered agent
  • Durable Power of Attorney

Maintain control over your affairs in case you are declared incompetent or become incapacitated with our Durable Power of Attorney service. Our Orange County estate planning lawyer will help you legally designate a person to make financial and health decisions for you.

Here are some crucial advantages of having a durable power of attorney:

    • Keep personal affairs out of the public eye
    • Avoid costs of guardianship such as bonds, court costs, and attorney fees
    • Offer flexibility to your representative if incapacitation occurs
  • Limited Liability

Are you the owner of a small business or a sole proprietor? Protect yourself by creating a limited liability company (LLC). Advantages include:

    • Lack of double taxation
    • Asset protection
    • Ongoing lifetime security
    • Safeguard from business liability and more
    • No waiting period for benefit acquisition

Our estate planning attorney in Orange County, CA will also help you determine if an LLC or a limited partnership setup is more beneficial for you and your business.

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Living Trust

Trusts are an absolutely essential part of any estate plan, as they can actually be the difference between an estate that goes through probate and one that does not.

Asset Protection

Asset protection is an increasingly important part of running a business in today’s economy. All too often, businesses find themselves in a rough financial place that places their most valuable assets and possessions in danger.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is generally one of the most sought-after services that our clients are looking to complete when they contact us, and that’s for good reason.

The importance of planning exactly what happens after you have passed away simply cannot be understated. Without a proper plan, families can be sent into turmoil as their emotions, and their inheritance, is subject to the whims of a probate court.
Wills and testaments

Planning is the Key to Providing Closure

At TAP, we have extensive experience in planning estates and ensuring that those who pass away leave their loved ones with the closure they deserve. All too often, our clients assume that they are too young to need such a plan, or that they simply don’t need one for their type of estate. That’s just not true. Experience shows that an estate plan is absolutely essential, and our expert attorneys are among the best at creating just such a plan.

A Good Trust is Just Good Sense

Every client we serve is strongly advised to consider a trust, and we hear from a number of new clients that they’ve chosen us specifically to develop one for them. This essential document provides a number of protections to our clients, including the inability of the court to use the probate process after the client has died, or even if they’re still alive but have become incapacitated. This document is an absolutely critical way to maintain the integrity of both an estate and a family.

Bankrubtcy petition

Protecting Business Assets from Outside Events

Recent economic uncertainty has likely made it clear to many business owners that asset protection should be pursued. This unique legal procedure helps to guard assets against, sale, seizure, or liquidation, in the event of financial hardship, lawsuits, death, and other unforeseen events. Our expert services keep business owners safe and maintain the high value of their operation.

Look After What Matters with Titanium Asset Protection

Planning is key to hassle-free estate management. Let Titanium Asset Protection assist you in selecting the best forms of coverage for your properties, business, and loved ones. Work with our licensed estate planning attorneys in Orange County, CA to:

  • Maintain the integrity of your estate.
  • Mitigate financial loss under the legal duress of a lawsuit or creditor claim.
  • Ensure closure and appropriate asset distribution when you pass away.
  • Safeguard your business assets against sale, seizure, liquidation, and other issues.
  • Among others

Secure your future today! Call Titanium Asset Protection now at (714) 827-9955 to schedule a consultation with an experienced, licensed attorney.