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Titanium Asset Protection was founded on the belief that families and individuals deserve protection from the kind of lengthy court procedures and conflict that can result from not having an estate plan or a trust. We understand that individuals who have neglected to draw up these documents can throw their loved ones, and their estate, into turmoil, and we make it our goal to ensure that such turmoil does not happen.

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Living Trust

Trusts are an absolutely essential part of any estate plan, as they can actually be the difference between an estate that goes through probate and one that does not.

Asset Protection

Asset protection is an increasingly important part of running a business in today’s economy. All too often, businesses find themselves in a rough financial place that places their most valuable assets and possessions in danger.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is generally one of the most sought-after services that our clients are looking to complete when they contact us, and that’s for good reason.

The importance of planning exactly what happens after you have passed away simply cannot be understated. Without a proper plan, families can be sent into turmoil as their emotions, and their inheritance, is subject to the whims of a probate court.
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Planning is the Key to Providing Closure

At TAP, we have extensive experience in planning estates and ensuring that those who pass away leave their loved ones with the closure they deserve. All too often, our clients assume that they are too young to need such a plan, or that they simply don’t need one for their type of estate. That’s just not true. Experience shows that an estate plan is absolutely essential, and our expert attorneys are among the best at creating just such a plan.

A Good Trust is Just Good Sense

Every client we serve is strongly advised to consider a trust, and we hear from a number of new clients that they’ve chosen us specifically to develop one for them. This essential document provides a number of protections to our clients, including the inability of the court to use the probate process after the client has died, or even if they’re still alive but have become incapacitated. This document is an absolutely critical way to maintain the integrity of both an estate and a family.

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Protecting Business Assets from Outside Events

Recent economic uncertainty has likely made it clear to many business owners that asset protection should be pursued. This unique legal procedure helps to guard assets against, sale, seizure, or liquidation, in the event of financial hardship, lawsuits, death, and other unforeseen events. Our expert services keep business owners safe and maintain the high value of their operation.